RuffeButts Black Ballet Bow Leg Warmers
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Black Ballet Bow Leg Warmers


These leg warmers are as girly as it gets and adorably unique, featuring an attached satin ribbon bow. Perfect for the transition from ballet class to playing at home, they are sure to be a favorite!

These ruffle warmers are one-size fits most. They are perfect for those under the age of 1 as a full ruffle warmer, and super cute on the toddlers not as high on the thigh!

Length:  34 cm or 13 inches

RuffleButts Size Chart Information:

Height: 20-46 inches, Weight:  7-46 lbs, Age 0-7 Years


  • Item #: LWKWOS-BLBB
  • Manufacturer: RuffleButts

RuffeButts Black Ballet Bow Leg Warmers

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